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Fall Festival: Crackaway Daze

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Congratulations to Herman and Margie for being chosen to represent the community as our Festival King and Queen for the Fall of 2007 through the Fall of 2008. We are delighted to have Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kessens of New Point as our Festival's Royal Couple!

This page is about Crackaway Daze, our community festival. Crackaway Daze is held annually on the third full weekend of September. The festival is hosted by the town of New Point and enjoys broad public support through volunteers and donations from New Point and Saltcreek Township as well as area county businesses, which includes the cities of Greensburg and Batesville.

During the festival there are many and various activities. For the children there are pony rides, an inflatable romper room, a clown, face painting, and games. For the older generation there are antique cars, antique tractors and farm equipment, Country Store, craft and flea market, and our famous pork dinners on Saturday for lunch, bean soup in a huge iron kettle, home made ice cream from one of our great local churches, and chili on Saturday night! Come Sunday, the local Kiwanis Club serves up fried chicken dinners for lunch. And let's not forget the pie-baking contest! The Champion for 2008 is none other than Viola Minning! Mmmmmmm! Mmmm! She makes some fine tasting pies!

Also on Saturday there is a parade that has had great participation in the past years and includes a grand variety of displays and an occasional float! During the parade the Master of Ceremonies recognizes the Festival's Senior Citizen King and Queen as they ride by in a classic convertible.

There is live entertainment all throughout the day provided by various vocalists, bands, and local talent. On Sunday a Gospel Sing is held with featured attractions beginning with the meal and lasting through most of the afternoon.

The timetable for the events runs like this:

Saturday at 10:00 a.m. is the Bed Race; 11 a.m. is a huge parade. The flea market is already opened. Any displays such as local clubs, honor guard, color guard, etc., assembles at the park for demonstrations and the singing of the National Anthem. Lunch is served from 12 noon until 5 p.m. or until we run out. The children all begin to spread out on the park's grounds as they search for some new thing to see or do. The adults leisurely shuffle among the rows of flea market vendors in search of some unknown treasure or admire the crafts offered by visiting merchants. Dispersed throughout the day like seasoning on a fine meal comes live entertainment to help hold the crowd for things yet to come.

The chili is brought out as the September air begins to cool, the coffee is brewed, and folk begin to gather around to hear local artist sing and play Bluegrass favorites. It's such a wonderful time for each visitor as they meet new people and reacquaint themselves with old neighbors and friends who have traveled many miles for a chance to see the familiar, to hear home sounds, and taste down home cooking once more.

On Sunday, the Kiwanis Club offers some of the most delicious fried chicken one could have and that with all the fixings at a very reasonable price. As visitors enjoy their meal, Gospel music and singing from solos and quartets echo through the town. There are still vendors on the grounds as well as the games and most of the attractions.

Our town festival is not just a time to raise funds for worthy community causes and needs. This festival, our joyous event, is our kinship of life that keeps on making memories that will endure a lifetime. It is the shoring up of our sense of civic mindedness and volunteerism that makes our little town stronger. Our festival helps to make us a community of neighbors and friends, not strangers.

For further information, please call Paul & Sharon Walterman at 812-663-3610 or Viola Minning at the Town Office, 812-663-7905.

For hotel / motel information, please contact the Greensburg / Decatur County Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-210-2832

New Point, Indiana was founded in 1840 as the town of Crackaway and renamed in 1854 as New Point.

New Point - Indiana!

Flea Market and Crafts

This section is for vendors who are interested in renting a space or spaces in the market place.

The cost for one space per day is only ten dollars ($10) and the cost for two days per space is fifteen dollars ($15). Most folk would say, "That's a very reasonable price." The fact is, that's downright cheap! Why so low? We keep the cost way below the normal rates you'd pay at most flea markets or craft shows because we want you here and so you can make a decent profit! Let's face it. Your time is valuable and we do not want to waste your time. In fact, if you have any suggestions that you feel would make the day or weekend a better deal for you, we want to hear it. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

The coordinator for the flea market is:
Clarence Carson
P. O. Box 37
New Point, IN 47263

Telephone number:

E-mail address:

Parade Registration Information

Here is information that will help you participate in our Festival Parade.

To place an entry or entries in the parade just call Rose Croddy at 812-663-2640 or Buddy Demaree at 812-663-9576 to ensure your spot in the line!

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